angel2880 asked:

Just wanted to say congrats on all your effort your doing great! :)

Inspiration and Such Answer:

Thanks!! I appreciate it! :)

Anonymous asked:

I saw your progress pic and well freaking done girl! Xx you're a star!

Inspiration and Such Answer:

Thank you anon! :)

fuckyeahsassylucifer asked:

hey! i came across your two month progress photo and your results are truly incredible, congrats! as someone who wants to start a weight loss journey, i was just wondering what were your first steps were and what kind of a routine you got into, if one at all. thanks!

Inspiration and Such Answer:

Thank you!

I have been trying on and off to lose weight for years, always starting a diet and then giving up after a few days or weeks. It had never worked because I wasn’t committed. I loved food more than I wanted to become healthier and fitter.

I ended up talking to a friend about how frustrated I was and he suggested I start out small by cutting out all of the sugary drinks I would consume daily and replace those with water. I LOVED lemonade, shirley temples and pop/soda in general and could easily drink half my calorie allowance away in beverages. So I cut those out and ended up replacing those beverages with Smartwater. I was not a big water drinker so drinking Smartwater helped because it tasted better to me than normal water.

The second thing that made a big difference was cutting out fast food. I used to eat an embarrassing amount of fast food. It was the easiest option for me with my really late retail schedule. I’ve tried and failed to cut fast food out of my diet in the past but this time it worked because instead of telling myself I could have it every once in a while, I completely eliminated it as an option. It was hard at first, but I kept telling myself that it doesn’t even taste that good and reminded myself about how many times I’ve found hair in my burgers haha and that sealed the deal!

Now instead of fast food at 11 pm after a shift, I make salads or sandwiches and eat them during a break around 7, which is a much better option to eliminate food cravings. It also has saved me a ton of money!

So those are definitely the two things that have made the biggest difference for me. The third would be increasing my exercise and getting into a routine. I hope that helped!! :)